Thursday, December 10, 2015

Keeping your Food Cost on point

I love the show "Bar rescue", I enjoy it mainly for the entertainment value and do not rely on it for improving restaurants/bars in the real world. One of The Restaurant Farms sister companies is InLine Restaurant Consultants. We don't have the drama of the TV show but InLine does rescue restaurants/bars. I thought I would offer a technique I've used in some cases to hit a target regarding food costs as my blog for this month. When I say "I Speak Restaurant" I mean it. If it helps you as the owner or manager get a percentage down, that would make my day.
I'm going to keep it simple because the best solutions are often that way.
1)Pull your food sales from your POS at the end of the week.
2) Calculate the percentage you want, for this we will use 30%.
Example: Food sales $1,000.00 x 30% = $300.00
3) Inform your Kitchen Manager that the order cannot exceed this amount. Be prepared for a debate but hold the line even if it's with yourself.
Running tight means running weekly on a daily basis period. 
I've taken food costs from as high as 42% down to 30% by using this simple method. There are certainly adjustments that have to be made, but the method makes those stand out for you to address with either portion control, pricing or waste control.
I'll be back to blogging about buying,selling or expanding in January's blog.
Have a wonderful profitable customer filled Holiday Season!
If your thinking about selling, expanding or buying I hope you'll include a conversation with me.
George Hilliard
"I Speak Restaurant"
The Restaurant Farm
KW Commercial Atlanta Perimeter 

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